The passion for cooking and wine, the warm welcome in an informal setting, the open view kitchen, a cellar that offers both classic and unexpected wines. All in the historical heart of Turin, for Turin’s people and for those who choose the city because of its culture, art, cinema and the cuisine. Our Kitchen is open form 12.00 to 11.30 p.m.

At Vitello, the daily production of fresh pasta is an act of joy and love, of research, trust, creativity and art. It takes the patience and dedication that only love gives to wash, break and separate the whites and yolks of hundreds of eggs every day. It takes research to identify excellent raw materials and it takes trust in the relationship with the farmers and breeders with whom we work.

Our dishes have their origin in the Piedmontese tradition, with a certain Mediterranean flair and special attention for vegetarian and vegan options. The search for the best seasonal products is characteristic of the commitment and the passion that we share with ourtalented regional producers, who have become friends over time.

To cook, but especially to cook for others, is a passion. It is a demanding and exhausting job, but the satisfaction provided by the emotions and pleasure of our customers is a great reward. Max with his team, in the kitchen. Bruna and Luisa, in the restaurant rooms, distribute kindness and smiles.

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