At Vitello, the daily production of fresh pasta is an act of joy and love, of research, trust, creativity and art.
He who is able to spend hours every day cleaning vegetables, chopping, kneading, peeling, grating, slicing, for such an ephemeral pleasure as a meal, is a pleasure-seeker of the first order said someone whose name I cannot remember now, but it is a profound truth.
It takes the patience and dedication that only love gives to wash, break and separate the whites and yolks of hundreds of eggs every day. It takes research to identify excellent raw materials and it takes trust in the relationship with the farmers and breeders with whom we work.
Because Vitello’s fresh pasta is not just flour, water and eggs.

It’s testing the flours for the doughs, it’s choosing to work with Cascina Mana eggs because they are truly organic according to a supply chain protected and guaranteed organic by the BIOS Control and Certification Body.
It means inventing different fillings and condiments with combinations that enhance the deep sensuality that a dish can evoke.
It is respect for the dietary choices of each of our customers, such as vegans, for whom we have created tasty ravioli filled with seasonal vegetables, returning to the original production of pasta, with only Type 1 flour, richer in fibre, mineral salts and water.
You can enjoy all our pasta shapes and sauces while sitting at one of our tables or pick them up and cook them yourself at home.

Agnolotti torinesi € 34/kg
Plin € 30/kg
Ravioli vegani secondo stagione € 30/kg
Tajarin 36 tuorli € 16/kg
Taglietelle all’uovo € 12/kg
Tagliatelle di farro € 15/kg

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